Sunday, January 22, 2012

One of those Swimming Moments

 Driving somewhere with my daughter in Winter 2010, a song comes on the CD player and she starts giggling. She explains, "mom, I forgot to tell you about this, it was one of those true swimming moments". She swam for Mariemont High all 4 years and started her swimming career at 6 with our municipal pool in the Village. The song on the player was "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.  She went on to explain.  At their Toledo Invitational meet she reminds me how the first seeded swimmer in the final heat gets to pick out a song to walk out on deck to.  It's the last race of the day - Boys 400 Freestyle Relay.  She says 4 young men saunter out onto the deck to "Party in the USA", then she says, "the most amazing moment happened...everyone in the natatorium stood up and started doing the "Miley dance" - hands up, swaying their hips...", she kinda sing-songed.  We were both laughing so hard.  When I caught my breath, I said, "you know that only happens with swimmers, no football player would ever be caught dead "swaying their hips".  She said, "I know, it was awesome, swimmers are so cool."

The photo above is a capture of the first time she broke a minute for her 100-Free - she was the swimmer in Lane 2.  Watching your child attain their goals is precious time spent. Few things are so gratifying.  The date on this picture is February 14, 2009. That's how a swim-mom spends her Valentine's the meet.

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