Monday, November 29, 2010

Do we really want to know?

We went to the Cincinnati Museum Center on Friday after Thanksgiving to shoot some photos and then took in the The Hubble Movie on the OmniMax screen.  Amazing film - if you haven't seen it - go see it.  It will restore your faith in this country we call America.

I said to Dave as we exited the movie "You know, this is Cincinnati - a pretty conservative town.  This movie was sold out every show for the last two days.  People are interested in this - do you remember hearing anything about this repair work mission performed by the Space Shuttle Crew in the mainstream news?" He answered it wasn't really mainstream (and I consider mainstream NPR) but he followed it on NASA's website and other Space websites.  What struck me is that News Media Moguls have decided that we are more interested in "Bored, Attention Deprived Housewives" or "Dancing Politician Offspring" or "Misguided Politician Lifestyle in Alaska" or "Animal Abusing Thugs who can play football" more than we care about "Incredible Real Life Hero Astronauts That Risk Their Lives to bring us Amazing Real Life Science in Space". 

You don't need to oppose crap media.  Just don't frequent it.  Demand excellence. And excellence doesn't include the intimidating fear-mongers catering to the fear-ridden consumers sitting on the other end of the cable in the Family Room.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Appointment more unwanted than the Dentist....

A few years ago, I went to my dentist for a cleaning; he commented that "you're a bit overdue - but I understand, I'm the last appointment you want to make".  Clarification Dr. Toothman - 2nd to last appointment. 

I fulfilled that number one hated appointment today.  My MD, who I like and trust, has a new practice, which is much further away from my office than it used to be.  I stuck with her.  My first appointment today in her new office went like this: I show up 5 minutes early.  Sign in; fill out all NEW paperwork (have these people ever heard of a database?) Get my blood pressure - it's always low so it impresses the nurse and makes me feel superior - until I have to sit in an examination room for 40 minutes with only a sheet to cover me. Really?  I'm on my lunch break, folks.  Why in the world do I have to sit there for 40 minutes?  I am at a loss.  So when she finally shows up for the appointment with her trusty laptop and has not BOTHERED to review my file before she meets me to get caught up with my history - I am slightly annoyed. She asks me what my past 2 year history is.  I understand it's my body - but I also expect some level of professional review of my file before you walk in for my appointment.  Honestly, if I showed up as unprepared for a client meeting as she did - I would be fired. And would expect to be.  Consider me in the market for a new doctor.

But, I did get to review a pretty cool decorating magazine with some photography that I wanted to get the same look through processing - so it at least stimulated some creative thought while I sat there contemplating how often they wash those hand crocheted mittens they slide over those foot stirrups....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Joy & Creativity

I found this blog, Ordinary Courage.  In her interview with Myriam Joseph, Myriam says:

My greatest creative barriers are the groups of squatters that take up space in my head. They lay around all day, shouting their bad advice and accusations, they don’t work, they don’t pay rent, they just talk, talk, talk.

This is so true.  I am sure I'm my own worst enemy.

Myriam Joseph is a Social Entrepreneur with a website that sells t-shirts for toddlers made of organic cotton and bamboo each printed with one of 4 words.  Words which represent the gifts she wishes she could give every child - Joy, Courage, Humility & Compassion.  And also gifts that she wished she had received.  To date she's raised $15,000 to rebuild schools in Haiti and support teachers there.  Her t-shirts can be purchased here.  I only wish she had Adult sizes! Would love to get one for my "baby" at college!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Pursuit of Sweet Potato Souffle

Someone reminded me of a recipe I made many years ago.  She loved it so much, she is still singing it's praises to people I work with.  I had totally forgotten about this dish.  I don't think I've made it in at least 7 years - but her insistence at me bringing it to a Thanksgiving get-together our office is planning sent me digging through my favorite cookbooks - this is Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant from 1990.  I also have a Cook's magazine from 1986 that I routinely use recipes from and my hand written recipe book circa 1980 prior to my first marriage 1981.  When discussing the Sweet Potato Souffle recipe with my friend, she talked of handwritten recipes from her grandma that she still uses but is sure no one will ever be able to decipher after her.  My friend is at least my age (49) but I think older. I'm a horrible judge of age. 

Anyway, this forgotten recipe will find it's place on my Thanksgiving Table this year.  Do you have a favorite recipe that you only make on Holidays?  Feel free to share here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shooting Seniors

I usually edit in-camera; getting rid of shots that won't work for the client - eyes closed, out of focus, funky poses - all of those exemplified here in this shot of Sarah. But this shot is Sarah.  We struggled with a constant breeze during her photo shoot.  I can't even remember how many times I said "um, fix your hair".  She's a great sport and put up with me bossing her around.  She was a joy to photograph.  And her Dad was a whiz at the light reflector.  Score!

See the entire photoshoot at CNZ Design Studio

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It was a tad chilly.

Early morning photo shoot for Senior Portraits this morning.  Close to freezing temperatures.  So I decided to bring some hot cocoa along for my client.  I think she liked it.

Hot Cocoa
Combine, stir & boil for 2 mins in the top of a double boiler over direct but low heat:
1 cup boiling water
1/4 cup cocoa
1/8 tsp salt
4 tbsp sugar
then add:

1/2 tsp cinnamon
Then add:
3 cups scalded milk
Stir and heat the cocoa. Cover and keep over hot water 10 more minutes. Add:
1 tsp vanilla
Beat with a wire whisk before serving.
See the photoshoot here: CNZ Design Studio

Recipe copied from The Joy of Cooking