Monday, November 29, 2010

Do we really want to know?

We went to the Cincinnati Museum Center on Friday after Thanksgiving to shoot some photos and then took in the The Hubble Movie on the OmniMax screen.  Amazing film - if you haven't seen it - go see it.  It will restore your faith in this country we call America.

I said to Dave as we exited the movie "You know, this is Cincinnati - a pretty conservative town.  This movie was sold out every show for the last two days.  People are interested in this - do you remember hearing anything about this repair work mission performed by the Space Shuttle Crew in the mainstream news?" He answered it wasn't really mainstream (and I consider mainstream NPR) but he followed it on NASA's website and other Space websites.  What struck me is that News Media Moguls have decided that we are more interested in "Bored, Attention Deprived Housewives" or "Dancing Politician Offspring" or "Misguided Politician Lifestyle in Alaska" or "Animal Abusing Thugs who can play football" more than we care about "Incredible Real Life Hero Astronauts That Risk Their Lives to bring us Amazing Real Life Science in Space". 

You don't need to oppose crap media.  Just don't frequent it.  Demand excellence. And excellence doesn't include the intimidating fear-mongers catering to the fear-ridden consumers sitting on the other end of the cable in the Family Room.

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