Friday, November 12, 2010

Joy & Creativity

I found this blog, Ordinary Courage.  In her interview with Myriam Joseph, Myriam says:

My greatest creative barriers are the groups of squatters that take up space in my head. They lay around all day, shouting their bad advice and accusations, they don’t work, they don’t pay rent, they just talk, talk, talk.

This is so true.  I am sure I'm my own worst enemy.

Myriam Joseph is a Social Entrepreneur with a website that sells t-shirts for toddlers made of organic cotton and bamboo each printed with one of 4 words.  Words which represent the gifts she wishes she could give every child - Joy, Courage, Humility & Compassion.  And also gifts that she wished she had received.  To date she's raised $15,000 to rebuild schools in Haiti and support teachers there.  Her t-shirts can be purchased here.  I only wish she had Adult sizes! Would love to get one for my "baby" at college!

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~minta~ said...

LUV this post =) & those ARE wonderful gifts to give little ones as they venture out into the world...