Friday, July 20, 2012

The pain we want to forget....

Today...a very good friend posted about a photographer who lost his wife to metastatic breast cancer.  That's how I lost my mom almost 30 years ago.  Yes, I was only 22. And motherless.

Here's the website: The Battle We Didn't Choose

I found the link because Wendy Blyth was pissed off.  A Cancer support facility had an Art Gallery and was prepared to present his show.  But then decided to cancel; because it was too painful for some of their patrons.

I will tell you, I clicked over to his website and photos when I saw Wendy's post.  I was at work.  And crying.  Every thing was flooding back into my brain.  Watching someone physically die from cancer is nothing I would ever wish even on my worst enemy. It's devastating.  And guess what? I didn't die or feel the pain...I just watched...helplessly. It's a pain that you never recover from.

My reason for this post is this: Nothing creates positive marketing like negative viral internet attention. I would have never seen this website or their struggle in life without Wendy's site . I think the Gallery is dick for not honoring their contract.  But Angelo will be more widespread and popular for this setback. This I know.

 In honor of Carole Ann Nelson (my mother)


libraryann said...

wow. thanks for posting this "Beth." I went on the group's page and you were right. So many people are upset by this decision and are letting them know!! I left some choice words as well.

Neo said...

I can't imagine the feeling of being far away and no hope... Dad, Jeff and I were in the same house... I had hope but it didn't help... have cried many a time, and I wish she could have been around to see my triumphs and to help me deal with my failures