Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reason #a bazillion why I love her so much...

Last night's conversation:

photo: Jann Bond
Me: I can't find your passport.

Cee: mmmkay.  Remember when we moved?  I handed it to you as we were taking apart my desk and said "keep this in a safe spot" (said without malice or judgement).

Me: no, I was in a state of shock that day.....

Cee: *sigh* I know, I kinda had to takeover.

Me: let me think; it's in a leather thingy, right?

Cee: yes, it's red leather.

Me: ok, I'm gonna try and remember where I would have considered "safe place" that day.

Cee: mom, this is important...I'm going to Spain in 3 weeks.

Me: I know.  Let me think.  I'll call you back.


Me: Tell your mother how amazing she is.

Cee: OMG, you found it???? I was freaking out. You should see my room; we were tearing it apart thinking I might still have it.  Where was it?

Me: you know that black leather zipper book where I keep your SS card? (Franklin Planner). In there.

I don't know what possessed me to look in that Planner.  But score one for the low-tech approach to storing important data :)

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