Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Girl...

I grew up in the late 60's, early 70's watching "That Girl"with Marlo Thomas.  She epitomized every thing I wanted to be.  Independent, beautiful, adventurous and sought after.  She comes with a few quirks I am afflicted with as well - but we will leave those to your guessing.


It's funny how one stream of media can define you,  later, in my teen years, I totally connected with Mary Tyler Moore on her show.  Somehow, I always knew I wanted to live in an urban neighborhood and on my own.  Not with the absence of a functional relationship (Ann Marie always had Donald and Daddy to be there in a pinch).  I would like a Donald.  He was cool and handsome.  Her Dad was a bit over-bearing - but perfect for the time-culture.  My Dad isn't too involved, but he's a generous guy, I'm glad he's not trying to tell me how to live my life at 51. But, here I am, downtown, more like "in the 'hood" and without "Donald"...this works for me momentarily, but I really would like to fall in love some day. I never have to worry about my Daddy walking into my apartment to find my "boyfriend" walking around in his boxers (very risque for TV land in the late 60's) . But I do wish he would get to meet Mr. Right.

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