Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Something jogged my memory tonight. When my daughter and I visited Findlay Market one Saturday morning about a year prior to my losing my house I remember saying "I love the energy down here; I want to be part of this..." Fast forward one and half years...I am part of it. I saw a picture that made me sit up and think. I have my daughter to thank for saving my sorry ass. I was focusing on what I was losing and not what I was gaining. She found the number of the apartment that I now inhabit and insisted that I call it (from her UPS truck on Xmas break)..I finally did and established a pretty cool relationship with my apartment owner (landlord). Dream fulfilled. Tonight, at my local wine bar, I met up with some of my friends. One of the regulars is an elderly gentleman, who has suffered from a stroke. I don't really know him - but I know OF him - as I know his recent story and his current needs status. He comes to socialize - we all need this. He's still quite sharp and keeps up with conversation - his current problem is output - he's hard to understand - but the fact that I've listened to his feedback gives me complete confidence he knows what he is talking about. He also struggles physically. Tonight, I was relieved when my friend J showed up - he trusts her and knows that she will take him home. He lives near me. And I've made it clear I would take him home too. maybe he doesn't trust me yet. I think he does. We'll just need to get there. J came in, he decided he needed to go home...after a full day's work she and my other friend got him home. When they returned...I told them..I was proud to be their friend and honored to know them. These are the people you want in your corner. They matter and they care. Remember this story when you read about hatred. There is also a great amount of good out there. We just need to focus on it.

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